The Massachusetts Center for Interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies: Dr. Arthur Kinney

An internationally leading center for the study of the culture and achievements of the Renaissance period (1400-1700). The Center contributes to the field of Renaissance studies through research, teaching, and outreach to the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus, the Amherst community, and beyond. Home to the scholarly journals English Literary Renaissance and The Sidney Journal, as well as the book series Massachusetts Studies in Early Modern Culture, the Center is a lively scholarly community with a rich program of lectures, seminars, and conferences along with graduate and undergraduate classes and programs for the wider Amherst community.

The Translation Center at UMass Amherst

A unique enterprise that combines business services with academics. By keeping up with the latest in training and research, we find that we can offer higher quality translations to our clients. In sum, the Translation Center blends academics and service in a dynamic fashion that keeps the Center on the cutting edge of the field. Research influences training, which in turn impacts service, and vice versa. All combine to improve the skills of our translators, who then can better serve our clients and meet your communication needs.

UMass English Department: Chair Jenny Spencer

UMass Theater Department: Chair Penny Remsen

UMass Comparative Literature Program: Chair William Moebius, Director Dr. Jim Hicks

UMass Translation Center: Director Dr. Edwin Gentzler

UMass French Department

UMass International Programs Office

UMass College of Humanities: Dean Julie Hayes

Amherst College English Department: Chair Peter Berek, Dr. Anston Bosman

Smith College Lewis Global Studies Center: Dr. Carolyn Shread, Dr. Janie Vanpeé

Mount Holyoke College

Hampshire College Humanities: Dean Jeffrey Wallen

Hampshire College English Department: Dr. L. Brown Kennedy

Five College Lecture Fund

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